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Bruce Snipes MS, LMFT
The more I read, the more I acquire, the more I am certain that I know nothing. - Voltaire
As an expert tutor, Mr. Snipes will help you diagnose which areas need improvement and then design a study plan to help maximize your score. Mr. Snipes received his dual-track Masters's degree in 1996 from Stetson University for both Marriage and Family and Mental Health Counseling. Mr. Snipes is a Florida Registered Supervisor for both Marriage and Family and Mental Health Counseling. He regularly supervises registered interns by referral and has worked with families and individuals for over 20 years. Students typically work individually with Mr. Snipes over Zoom, phone, or in person (if you live in the Orlando area). Whether you study in-person or over the phone, Mr. Snipes will help you identify your weaknesses, strengths, and study style. By evaluating your subject content mastery and DSM-5-TR competency, Mr. Snipes will help show you how to master your exam. With a thorough understanding of how the national exams are put together and how they will test your knowledge base, Mr. Snipes has a proven track record of improving your exam proficiency.