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I passed the exam thank you Sooo much for everything you were so helpful! My friends are signing up soon!

Just letting you know-- I passed! One almost needs training in critical thinking and recognizing meta messages as well In prep for this exam. It was a very, very difficult exam! This program helped me very much since I haven't practiced in 2 1/2 years. So grateful it's over!

Just wanted you to know I passed the exam with many points to spare. Thank you for your great study materials and fabulous simulation practices. They saved the day for me. Also, thanks for all the tips on how to deal with this test. It really paid off! I will readily refer your materials.

Linton, Bless your heart! I will always be grateful to you for many things. I know my therapeutic training is helpful In fact, it has assisted me in developing many positive reframes to this most difficult time in my life. May the Lord bless you always, Caroll

I wanted to thank you for the use of the workshops. I am happy to say I passed my test. I took the four hour exam and it helped me out immensely. Once I saw that I improved my score I knew with certainty I was ready. Again I thank you so much and am grateful for the use of your workshop.

Thank you for this wonderful website!!! The preparation that you provide for potential licensees is unprecedented. I could not have passed my exam without the material presented (it's actually more difficult than the exam itself!). Dr. Hutchinson was also so supportive :) I have already referred people to this website and am confident that they, too will pass with flying colors!!! Thank you for all that you do, Dr. Hutchinson!!! I appreciate you :)

You've been so helpful, and I enjoyed your site SO MUCH, that I wanted to tell you that I PASSED THE CRAZY, STRESSFUL, M.F.T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In Arkansas where I live, a person can only take it twice and if he/she doesn't pass the second time they have to wait two years to take it again. I failed it the first time by TWO points - but I PASSED IT THIS TIME!!! I am SO SO SO SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU 100,000 TIMES!!!!!!!!!! :-) PS: I did what you said for that test: I SMOKED THAT TEST LIKE A BIG CIGAR!!! (BEST QUOTE EVER!!!!!!!)

Dear Dr. Hutchison, I passed my licensure exam!!!!!!! Thank you for all of the help on-line. Really, I cannot tell you how useful the information was for the exam. Just practicing restraint in choosing only the correct answers was very valuable.
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