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10/5/2014 You've been so helpful, and I enjoyed your site SO MUCH, that I wanted to tell you that I PASSED THE CRAZY, STRESSFUL, M.F.T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In Arkansas where I live, a person can only take it twice and if he/she doesn't pass the second time they have to wait two years to take it again. I failed it the first time by TWO points - but I PASSED IT THIS TIME!!! I am SO SO SO SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU 100,000 TIMES!!!!!!!!!! :-) PS: I did what you said for that test: I SMOKED THAT TEST LIKE A BIG CIGAR!!! (BEST QUOTE EVER!!!!!!!)
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6/28/2018 I just wanted to let you know that I passed. I was the only one taking the exam that day for which I was grateful. When I pressed the button and passed, the guy wondered if I was crying because I was happy. Whoopee! It's done. Now I can get to my golfing. Thank you Linton. Your site was fun!
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6/28/2018 I was fortunate enough to stumble upon your website and know it is the reason I passed! Yippee! Definitely the exam tips and secrets of passing were extremely helpful. It was not so much the questions themselves but the format and understanding the way the questions would be presented that was so useful to me. Thank you!
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1/28/2019 Practice exams were a fun challenge, and made me feel confident as I went through about 70 practice exams/ quizzes and getting 80-90% on each one. I also went through most of the study guide sections. Unfortunately the material covered was drastically different from the questions on my actual exam. The questions from the actual exam were for more complex, and included information not covered on this site. I felt grossly under prepared during the exam, as if I had not studied at all and was working through it based off memory my coursework. Thank goodness I remember my coursework well and did also use a disc review set from another test prep company to supplement my studying. Due to relying on this exam prep service, my exam was a horribly stressful experience and I was sure I failed as I walked out. Luckily I passed, but I would not recommend this site to colleagues.
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4/2/2018 Terrible exam questions that rarely related to marriage and family therapy. I wish I could get a refund!