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I just wanted to give you some positive feedback. I spent the past month preparing and I am so grateful for your website. I passed and I give your website so much credit for my success. I did my part and knew my stuff, but you prepared me for this exam! I am already letting others know. THANK YOU

Just wanted to let you know that I passed the exam on my first attempt! Thank you for the study materials!

I found the practice exams, daily theory overviews and inspirations sent via email and all the other resources available through your website extremely helpful and indispensable to my success in passing. I will definitely be recommending this site to others who will be preparing to take the National MFT exam. Thank you for your passion in helping others to succeed!

I used your site for the MFT, LPC and MAC exams, passed all on first try, THANK YOU FOR YOUR EXCELLENT RESOURCES!!!

The statements are true. You will pass the first time by utilizing this site and all the resources that it has to offer. I signed up, took my exam Nov 14, and Dec 12 received my letter that I passed my mft exam. First time! Thank you so much Dr. Linton.

I wanted to thank you for your website that helped me study for the exam. I honestly felt that the practice exams helped me prepare for sitting there and stay concentrated for 4 hours. I had a bad experience during the exam. I was doing well until about 70 questions in, when the proctor was helping another person with their computer and called IT on phone in the testing room next to me. I put in my ear plugs to try and drown out sound. However, I was then asked to move to another computer because that mans software was on my computer. This noise and distraction threw me and I had trouble concentrating on each question after that. I honestly felt I failed exam. But the amount of time I put in to studying for months must have helped. I just got notification on Friday that I had passed from the Minnesota Board of MFT. I still have not received confirmation from the testing company. I tell you all this to help others in case this happens to anyone else. I called testing company after exam and was put on hold and never answered me. I emailed my state board who gave me an email to a person that was from the site that takes the money for the exam. They were going to investigate and they also copied the AAMFT person on the email back to me. I am not sure what happened after that, as I never heard back. But I wanted a free exam after that occurred if I had failed But luckily I did! So if anyone ever is asked to move computers again, tell them to say NO. They can reschedule that person instead of interfere with the testing of the rest of the people in the exam room. Thank you for your site and your Facebook site questions. I will highly recommend you to others I know who will be taking it soon. You have my permission to share my story, as I cannot find any similar incidents online.

I just wanted to let you know I purchased the 30 day study guide and passed my exam the first time. Thanks so much for all of the material. It was much needed insight, especially the case studies.

Nicely said. :)  Thank you for understanding.  I already purchased your book and look forward to more of your tools on the website.  To be honest, I have looked at AATBS, Gerry Grossman, Berkeley Training Associates, and your website is most appealing to me.  I really enjoyed the emails for the tip of the day, and love the fact you have games on your website. :) Wow!!! Nice touch :)  The free trial exam, is fun and interactive.  So again, thank you for everything you have put into your work, I am utilizing it all, and appreciate the computer friendly, and app friendly process as well.

Thank you, thank you, got my results back and I Passed!

Terrible exam questions that are rarely related to marriage and family therapy. I wish I could get a refund!
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