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I passed the CA standard test. I know your website is aimed at the national test... but the study aids really helped!

I want to join the ranks and thank you. I passed the recent MFT exam and your site was much help!

Dr. Hutchinson, Just got the call from the CSWMFT Board rep. -- I PASSED!!! I PASSED!!! YAHOO!!! Thank you for all your help and testing assistance. Regards

Just wanted to let you know that I passed my LMFT exam! Thanks for your terrific website.

I passed my exam!!! Couldn't have done it without this site! THANK YOU!!!

Wanted to say thanks I passed first try and your questions were most like the test questions.

I passed my exam! Thank you for all of your support, information, and motivation. I think that my use of your practice questions and exams helped me feel comfortable and confident when I took the state exam. I have recommended your site to others - two of my supervision partners did not pass and so I told them to check you out. Thanks again.

Dear Dr. Hutchinson- Thank you so much for the MFT exam prep course. I just found out that I passed the exam in NV. This is the first time that I took the exam and, happy to report, will be the last! I scored an 86%. The highest score in NV was an 88%. I found your site extremely helpful and recommend it to all of my friends who are still in the Master's program!

The suggestions for the actual test-taking protocol really settled in with me - the idea of the timing of breaks, the use of all of the time scheduled, finishing every question in the first go around and then reviewing - and I applied all of them. Areas such as HIPPA were current and up to date and explanations of answers where I had made mistakes were helpful. The use of question format was similar to that on the test and made that more comfortable.

Hello Linton, Last week I received word from my state board that I passed the MFT exam! Your site helped me greatly! Especially the practice questions. This is a very challenging exam, all applied information. I am a straight A student, but really was challenged by this test. It was a big help to me to have your site and your daily emails to keep me studying. I also found your test taking tips to be indispensable. All during the test I just knew it was "in there". Thanks and best wishes,
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