The fundamental tasks of a group leader are to:

1. Create the machinery of therapy.
2. Set it in motion.
3. Keep it operating effectively.
4. Remember that no technique takes precedence over the core conditions referred to as C.H.A.S.E. C for Charming, H for Honesty, A for Acceptance, S for Self-disclosure (limited), and E for Empathy.

In regard to the creation and maintenance of a group, make sure you know:

1. Preparation before group is crucial
2. Gate keeping
3. Stability is important
4. The therapist is the primary unifying force
5. Deter anti-cohesiveness (continued tardiness, absences, sub grouping, disruptive extra group socialization, and scapegoating). The more members want time, the more energy the group will have. Physical survival of group takes precedence.

In individual therapy, the therapist is the primary agent of change. In group therapy, the group AND the therapist are agents.